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Welcome to the RCA E-Learning Academy. We believe that the skills and competencies which truly set one up for success in the practical world are those which enable you to understand psychology, emotions and ultimately enable you to build long term relationships. Our purpose is therefore to provide our clients and customers with the necessary resources in order to make real impact on those around them. To add true value to organisations and communities within which they operate.

Current Academies and Courses


“I've enjoyed the more abbreviated modules and the use of videos, podcasts etc to keep the material interesting.”

Jessica Davies

“As someone who can get bored pretty quick, I found the RCA course material and learning platform pretty cool. The support team are also real people and don't seem to be robots :)”

Nathan Patterson

“Enjoyed the leadership and psychology courses. Easy to transfer into the real world. Not too theory-heavy.”

Noluthando Mujati

“Love that I could do my modules via mobile and easy to see progress for all my modules.”

Chloe Andrews

We curate tailored modules for Companies

Specific to your Company Culture & Offering

  • Leadership

    Enabling managers and supervisors within your organisation to lead and not just manage, to inspire not just enforce. To build cultures.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    Understanding and living the 4 pillars of emotional intelligence. Building a skill-set that enables greater tolerance, empathy and agility within your organisation.

  • Product Knowledge

    Developing a base-level of brand and product knowledge across the organisation. Ensuring a common-thread of knowledge delivery.

  • Hard Skills

    Achieving consistency through clear and simplistic hard skills learning. Bespoke to your team's executional requirements.

  • Communication Skills

    From effective questioning and listening techniques to professional public speaking, non-verbal communication and articulation of knowledge.

  • Selling Skills

    Selling taught in the context of your brand and products. What it means to first sell your own brand before selling what your company has to offer. A problem-solving approach to sales.


  • Tailored Content

    A learning journey based on the key success factors of your customer journey. From Management & Leadership principles to frontline staff.

  • Mobile-Friendly

    Access your learning journey on any web-enabled device. No software installation required.

  • Incremental Learning

    Bite-sized modules that enable the learner to progress incrementally while meeting their operational requirements.

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