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    1. Welcome to the Introduction to Whisky Course

    2. Your Course designers

    3. Your Whisky Question

    1. A Brief History of Whisky

    2. History of whisky

    3. Your take on the History of Whisky

    1. The 4 Different types of Whiskies

    2. Whiskies of the World

    3. Single malt vs Blended Malt

    4. How well do you know your different Types?

    1. The Different Whisky Regions of Scotland

    2. Your preference of Whisky Region

    1. Flavor Profiles and Wood

    2. The influence of wood on whisky

    3. The Influence of Wood & Types of Casks

    4. Your Understanding of Wood Influence on Whisky

    1. An introduction to Whisky Production

    2. The Processes of Whisky Making

    3. Peat and its significance in whisky

    4. Peat and its Impact on Flavor

    5. How Well Do you Know Your Whisky-making Process?

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