Kelly Rae Nel (du Plooy)

Senior instructor

I started practising yoga in 2013 and fell in love with how I felt after each class. I felt more present, so much more relaxed, and everything seemed clearer to me. Life began to feel very different, it felt good, and I felt much happier and at peace. Imagine if you or your employees could feel this too?


Destress and increase your overall productivity


Enhance your mood by becoming mobile


Dive into discovering more about yourself

Coming soon

  • Sunrise Yoga

    30 minutes of sunrise yoga to start your day the right way.

  • Pranayama for stress

    Three easy breathing techniques to relieve stress.

Success stories

“Kelly is not only an excellent teacher but is kind, thoughtful and aware of your body and its strengths and limitations.”

Jaclyn Alexander

“Kelly has amazing energy, absolutely loved her practise... calming yet energising. She offers subtle corrections which are always great. Felt motivated to yogaeverydamnday! Thanks, Kel... you are a gem xx”

Emma van Niekerk

“Kelly has a calmness about her that somehow makes even the most strenuous pose feel achievable. Afterwards, I felt light and energised at the same time. I would recommend Kelly to anyone, any day. I am hooked!”

Christine Bergh

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