Why this course?

The ability to build authentic relationships in the workplace is what often distinguishes the average from the exceptional. This course will teach you how to cultivate the types of relationships which endure and build careers on both ends.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome from Tinashe

    1. Service Culture: An Introduction

    2. Developing a Customer Focused Culture

    3. Module 1 Assessment

    4. Activity: The Culture in your Company

    1. Introducing the 3 Relationships

    2. The Three Relationships in Hospitality: Why they are Important.

    3. 5 Key Human Needs

    4. Rating My Relationships

    5. Activity: Rating My Relationships

    1. The Foundations of a Healthy Colleague Relationship

    2. Applying the 5 Needs

    3. Building Colleague Relationships

    4. Introducing the next video...

    5. How to Reduce Conflict

    6. A Moment of Honesty

    7. Understanding Conflict

    1. The Foundations of a Healthy Customer Relationship

    2. Applying the 5 Needs

    3. Being the Customer's Favourite rather than the Best

    4. Customer Relations Questions

    5. Customer Information

    6. The Importance of Customer Information

    1. The Product Relationship

    2. 4 P's of Selling

    3. 4 P's of Selling

    4. Questions on Selling

    5. Selling Membership Exercise

About this course

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  • 28 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content


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