Why This Course?

Develop specific Branding skills to thrive as a Professional and put your Best Foot Forward

Course curriculum

    1. Personal Branding: Image and First Impressions

    2. Understanding Personal Branding

    3. Step One: Set Your Values

    4. Step Two: Prioritize Your Values

    5. Step Three: Identify Your Passions

    6. Step Four: Identify Your Ideal Traits

    7. Step Five: Discuss Who You Are With Family, Friends And Peers

    8. Personal Branding: Values

    9. Big Five Traits Personality Test

    1. Step One Determine The Aspects Of Your Life That Have Been Rewarding

    2. Step Two Narrow Down The Aspects To A Potential Vision

    3. Step Three Create An Ideal Career Ending

    4. Step Four Take Steps Back From The Career Ending To The Present

    5. Step Five Compare The Vision Against Your Values

    6. Position Yourself for Success

    7. Building a Professional Development Plan (PDP)

    8. Build Your Own PDP

    9. Working Example: Wine Program & Action Plan

    1. Introduction

    2. Step One: List The People You Admire

    3. Step Two Take A Deeper Look At Their Lives

    4. Step Three Rank The People With Career Arcs Similar To Your Aspirations

    5. Step Four Learn The Steps These People Took

    6. Step Five Make Adjustments To Improve On Their Paths

    1. Check in

    2. Check in: Self Reflection

    1. Personal Body Language

    2. How good is Good Enough?

    3. Consistency

    4. Creativity

    5. Be Memorable

    6. Credibility

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  • 35 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

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