Course Overview

  • Welcome to Your Course

    A warm welcome to Your Course from Tom Dawson Squibb and the team! We look forward to guiding you on your Learning Journey!

  • Your Story

    We want to know about your journey thus far. Each one of us has a unique journey and a personal story that adds to our learning context.

  • The Complete Team Model

    Tom introduces the Complete Team Model and looks at the ideas surrounding how to apply this model

  • The Central Force of Teaming

    Understanding our context and the significant factors that determine our success as a team

  • Process & Outcome

    Looking at the systems that form part of your processes and the effect that these have on desired outcomes

  • Discipline & Spirit

    Looking at the unique importance of balance between both Discipline and Spirit within a team

  • Leading Yourself & Others

    A deeper look at the role of Leadership within the Team Environment