Times are pretty tough right now, aren't they?

Let me give you the tools to overcome ANY obstacle you face.

Focus Areas of the Programme

12 Week Programme

  • Refining your Purpose

    Knowing exactly why we do what we do and being able to refer back to our bigger picture in times of adversity.

  • Cultivating a High Performance Mindset

    Re-wiring ourselves to psychologically prepare for greater productivity and overall execution of our craft.

  • Building a Support Network

    Constructing an environment and process that enables you to seek counsel from those with a diverse perspective.

  • Habit-Building

    Implementing the necessary mechanisms to begin enjoying incremental progress in line with our Courageous Extraordinay and Outrageous Goal goal.

  • Enhancing Productivity

    Cultivating a greater work ethic through the fundamentals of habitual behaviour.

  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

    Getting to grips with an emotionally intelligent way of life and how it improves your chances of success at work and at home.

  • Structured Reflection

    Creating a greater level of consciousness around what is happening in our daily lives in order to learn from these experiences and move steadily towards our greater goals.

  • Improving Relationships

    Learning how to proactively create environments where your personal and work-based relationships can thrive.

  • Hearing from other World Class Thought-Leaders

    Feeding ourselves with the best stimulating content to keep the progressive, problem-solving mindset.

  • Building an Action Plan

    Curating a tactile action plan that builds accountability around the right processes for you.

  • Leadership

    Learn how to lead without the necessity of a title and to put your purpose into practice by positively influencing others.

  • Building Resilience

    We'll be delving into the art of resourcefulness & how you can use adversity as a compass for rapid growth.

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